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Hey, I’m Thomas.

I like to sing and produce music, welcome to my official website! This is the main hub so everything that I’m involved in whether it be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even SoundCloud, it all branches out from here. So click the links below and enjoy!


Thomas Harvey, (born Thomas Michael Harvey) was raised in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. He fell in love with music at an early age, with the disappearance of his father at age three, Thomas turned to music as a replacement and filled every corner of his childhood with the art. Learning Ukulele from before he can remember and picking up his first guitar at age 8, Thomas has never stopped wanting to take his music further. “I’ve, since a very young age, wanted to prove that growing up without a father figure doesn’t define who you are or cause you to fail.” Thomas has since released his first ever single “Tomorrow” on February 25th, 2017, a play of words with the title, sets the scene of a very personal and well-written lyricist, blending his heartfelt lyrics to a pop/dance beat. “The song is supposed to oppose the idea of needing a father figure in order to properly grow.” He states during an interview in June 2017. Thomas has since taught himself how to produce his own beats in order to, quote “save time and money and really just express more of myself and my personality” and plans to release a new album currently code-named as “PARKER”.

The Brand

I’ve had the idea of forming my own brand since the start of 2017. I wanted to create a label, an entity in which I could spread across the world. I have never personally felt so close to my dream and my ambitions and I truly believe that this is one big step forward in my career. The store is currently live and can be found by clicking on the “Shop” tab from the menu bar!